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Accelerated Learning Systems for Guitar
NEW from The Music Stamp Series™, we are now offering the following eBooks to help you master the Guitar!

The Music Stamp Series has partnered with Guitarist and Author, Don J. MacLean to bring you these amazing instructional eBooks to help beginners, intermediate and expert players play better and faster. Don is one of the world's leading authorities on accelerated learning systems for guitar. Please check out the following...
About the Author...
Don J. MacLean is an active freelance guitarist, composer and educator. His musical training includes studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Humber College, and York University, where he obtained his B.A. (Dbl. Hons. Maj.) in music and psychology. His twenty years of teaching, performing and composing have made Don a highly sought-after expert for workshops, seminars and master classes.
Guitar Essentials Chord Master

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There are thousands and thousands of guitar chords, but you only need to know a small number. That's right. In most styles of music there are certain chords that are used over and over again. Once you know these chords you'll be able to PLAY THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF SONGS.


Suppose I told you that I was going to teach you how to play 3 chords? That doesn't sound like a scary task, does it? What if I now said I was going to teach you 36 chords? That sounds like a bit more work, but it still sounds achievable. What if I now said I am going to show you 100, 1,000 or even 20,000 chords? Do you think you would be able to memorize and play all of these chords? Would you even want to try to memorize all of these chords? Look at the following list of 57 letters and try to recall as many characters as possible: rnneilga tuairg sdroch acn eb aeys fi oyu loflwo na rgnizaode essmty.

How did you do? Probably not so well. You are not alone. Now rearrange the characters so that each group of characters is arranged into the following order: learning guitar chords can be easy if you follow an organized system. How long would it take you to memorize that arrangement of characters? As you can see, we just rearranged the individual letters into recognizable units - words in the English language. Now think again about learning chords. If you were to take a random approach and try to memorize chords out of a chord encyclopaedia, how effective do you think you would be? What if you were to discover a system that shows you the chords you need to know and shows you how to easily master them?

SOME GOOD NEWS. When you know how to play the most common chords, you'll find yourself learning songs super fast. What new songs will you learn? Will you write new songs with your new chord knowledge?
 When you get your hands on Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition, you'll learn the basics of reading chord diagrams, chord fingerings, muting strings, omitting strings and strumming.
 Next you'll discover some LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS to learning chords. Most guitarists take a haphazard approach to learning chords. In Chapter 2, you'll find the SECRETS that will show you how to EFFECTIVELY LEARN ANY CHORD.
 Now that you know how to learn any chord, you are ready to master 36 of the most common open string chords. THESE CHORDS CAN BE FOUND IN THOUSANDS IF NOT MILLIONS OF SONGS. A great exercise to do as you work through chapter 3 is to look at songbooks and see how many of these chords you can find. I guarantee you'll be amazed. Since you now know these chords, think of how easy it will be to learn these songs.
 To understand moveable chords, you need to know where all of the notes lie on the guitar. Chapter 4 shows you three ways to QUICKLY AND EASILY LEARN THE NOTES ON THE FRETBOARD.
 MOVEABLE CHORDS WILL DRAMATICALLY SHORTEN YOUR LEARNING CURVE. You can take one chord shape and move it up or down the neck of the guitar to produce any chord of the same quality. Once you learn a moveable shape for a major chord, you can move the chord up or down the fretboard to produce any major chord you want. This means you can quickly and easily turn a G major chord into a C major chord, or a D major chord, etc. You can repeat this process with minor chords, seventh chords, diminished chords, ninth chords, etc. This is a very POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE WAY TO QUICKLY MASTER MANY CHORDS.
 The 95 moveable chords shown in Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition can be transposed to any of the 12 keys giving you a total of 1140 chords. Add this to the 36 basic chords covered in chapter 3 and you'll see how you can quickly and easily learn 1176 chords.
 In chapter 6 you'll discover how chords are built. This will TOTALLY DEMYSTIFY CHORDS. You'll learn the basics of chord symbolization, slash chords and inversions, and discover how to apply chord formulas onto the fretboard. Once you know the mechanics behind chords, you'll be able to easily memorize chord voicings. There is a great Confucian saying: "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand." Apply the concepts of this book to the guitar and you'll not only remember the chords you need - you'll also understand them. Your view of the guitar will never be the same.
 If you want to LEARN MORE IN LESS TIME, MASTER THE MOST COMMON CHORDS, learn how you can take 95 moveable chords and TOTALLY UNDERSTAND how they can be transposed to any of the 12 keys, then this is the chord book for you. What you do for your guitar playing today will determine how great you'll be tomorrow. Simply click on the shopping cart icon now to master guitar chords.