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Accelerated Learning Systems for Guitar
NEW from The Music Stamp Series™, we are now offering the following eBooks to help you master the Guitar!

The Music Stamp Series has partnered with Guitarist and Author, Don J. MacLean to bring you these amazing instructional eBooks to help beginners, intermediate and expert players play better and faster. Don is one of the world's leading authorities on accelerated learning systems for guitar. Please check out the following...
About the Author...
Don J. MacLean is an active freelance guitarist, composer and educator. His musical training includes studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Humber College, and York University, where he obtained his B.A. (Dbl. Hons. Maj.) in music and psychology. His twenty years of teaching, performing and composing have made Don a highly sought-after expert for workshops, seminars and master classes.
MEGA Chops: Scale Mastery Beyond Hanon

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Imagine picking up your guitar today and playing effortlessly. You play jaw-dropping lick after jaw-dropping lick.

So how do you get there? It all comes down to what you practice. To become a great guitarist you must devote practice time to scales and technique development. A great way to do this is to apply the Hanon Studies to the Guitar.

For more than a hundred years, the Hanon Studies have been a staple in technique development for the pianist. Now, these highly effective exercises can be applied to the guitar to give you an excellent workout that will improve your technique and mastery of the guitar.

"BUT, WAIT A MINUTE...THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GUITAR AND PIANO, SO WHY SHOULD I SPEND TIME PRACTICING OLD PIANO EXERCISES?" Yes there is a huge difference between the guitar and the piano. When you play these exercises on the guitar you'll use different finger combinations than originally prescribed in the Hanon Studies. In Mega Chops: Scale Mastery Beyond Hanon, Don J. MacLean has rearranged the Hanon Studies so that you can get the most out of them and improve your guitar playing.

In Mega Chops: Scale Mastery Beyond Hanon, you'll find the Hanon Studies organized for you the guitarist. The easiest ones are at the beginning and the more challenging are found at the end of the book. To make it easier to get the most out of the Hanon Studies, Don J. MacLean has narrowed the 60 Hanon Studies down to the 27 most effective for guitar. These Top 27 Hanon Studies are shown in standard notation and easy-to-read tab.

To ensure proper technique development for all fingers the book includes 44 proven technique exercises for massive chops.

In Mega Chops: Scale Mastery Beyond Hanon, you'll learn all about melodic patterns and how they work. This will make it much easier to learn and memorize the Hanon Studies.

Here is a closer look at what you'll get in Mega Chops: Scale Mastery Beyond Hanon:

Chapter 1 starts with an overview of proper technique and how to read tab and fretboard diagrams.

Chapter 2 will let you discover the SECRETS OF HOW TO PRACTICE FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS. You will also learn the best way to integrate the contents of this book into your practice sessions.

Chapters 3 and 4 give you 44 proven technique exercises. Here you'll get: * 20 alternate picking exercises * 6 sweep picking exercises

Chapter 5 gives you everything you need to know to practice any scale. Here you'll learn what you must know about melodic patterns/sequences and digital patterns. You'll learn how to play the most common melodic patterns and discover how to create your own.

Chapter 6 explains step-by-step how to apply the Hanon Studies or any melodic pattern onto the fretboard. You learn how to take any melodic pattern or Hanon Study and play it in ANY scale, or key.

In the final chapter of the book you get the Hanon Studies arranged so they are progressively challenging for you the guitarist. Each Hanon Study is shown in its full guitar form. In other words, you don't get a small portion of the pattern, you get the entire melodic pattern as it unfolds over one full scale fingering. Each Hanon Study is shown in its complete ascending and descending form. To make it easy to read, play and learn, each pattern is shown in tab and standard notation.

ADD SPICE TO YOUR SOLOS With your new knowledge, you can take any of the Hanon Studies and easily play them in any key. This is very powerful. The Hanon Studies sound pretty cool on guitar! In fact, you'll probably end up using small sections of them in your guitar solos. It will really add some variety to your playing.

Mega Chops: Scale Mastery Beyond Hanon, will show you virtually limitless ways to practice scales and improve your technique.

You'll get:
  • 44 highly effective technique exercises for all finger groups.
  • The Top 27 Hanon Studies for the guitarist.
  • You'll learn how to master the most common melodic patterns.
  • You'll discover the secrets behind creating and applying melodic patterns.
  • You will also learn how to play the Hanon Studies, or any melodic pattern, over the entire fretboard in every key!
As you apply the exercises found in Mega Chops, you'll love the difference you hear in your playing! Mega Chops: Scale Mastery Beyond Hanon, is 120 pages, and covers every detail of how to improve your technique with scales.
  • Reading music is not required. Everything is shown in fretboard diagrams, tab and standard notation.
  • You don't need to know any music theory to get great benefits from this book!
  • Mega Chops will show you the secrets of how to practice for maximum results.
  • With Mega Chops you will master moveable fingerings for the most popular scales.