The MUSIC STAMP™ Series is proud to introduce our premiere product line of educational accessories.

A truly innovative new approach to creating fretboard grids, and notating tools that address the needs of teachers, students and musicians everywhere.

The Music Stamp™ Series is designed to do away with old-fashioned and outdated seperate ink/stamp models of the past which were very messy and had limited ink life.

Made of top-quality, durable plastics and non-toxic inks, they are safe and attractive. With sleek styling and a "cool, smart" appeal, they'll be a sure hit with consumers!

We are currently seeking distributors around the world for our product line.

Here are some facts about The MUSIC STAMP™ Series:

  • Limited Lifetime warranty on the Stamp unit itself (not the inkpad)
  • Quantity discounts for larger orders
  • MSG-1 and MSG-2 come in a attractive counter top point of purchase typedisplay box with header card (Shown on the right). Single hook/slat wall style packaging can be substituted. Bag and header card type. All other models shipped in bag/header card packaging.

Our Focus:

Our focus at The MUSIC STAMP™ Series is to meet the needs of the consumer by delivering innovative and useful products. The Music Stamp™ Series currently plans to release new products and provide opportunities for both distributors and retailers to increase sales. In addition to a robust product line, The Music Stamp™ Series is building strong brand recognition and fostering customer loyalty through quality products. Our goal is to see every teacher, student and working musician STAMPING IT!

If you are interested, please send us an email at: