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NEW from The Music Stamp Series™, we are now offering the following eBooks to help you master the Guitar!

The Music Stamp Series has partnered with Guitarist and Author, Don J. MacLean to bring you these amazing instructional eBooks to help beginners, intermediate and expert players play better and faster. Don is one of the world's leading authorities on accelerated learning systems for guitar. Please check out the following...
About the Author...
Don J. MacLean is an active freelance guitarist, composer and educator. His musical training includes studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Humber College, and York University, where he obtained his B.A. (Dbl. Hons. Maj.) in music and psychology. His twenty years of teaching, performing and composing have made Don a highly sought-after expert for workshops, seminars and master classes.
The Absolute Essentials of Music Theory

Price: $19.97
(with bonus eBooks)

"How to Totally Understand Guitar Theory Super-Fast!"

Whether you have little or absolutely no experience in music theory, I can show you the PROVEN way to quickly and easily MASTER the theory you MUST KNOW."

Dear Fellow Guitarist: Music theory is simply a way of classifying the techniques that have been used by musicians for hundreds of years. You Don't Have to Do it On Your Own, You Can Learn from the Masters.

Here are just some of the benefits you'll get as you increase your understanding of music theory:
  • Save countless hours of wasted practice time
  • Learn songs faster
  • Unlock the secrets of the fretboard
  • Learn chords and scales faster
  • Write your own great songs
  • Create those killer guitar solos you've always dreamed of
  • Easily learn songs by ear
With All of These Amazing Benefits, Why Doesn't Every Guitarist Learn Music Theory?

Up until now, learning music theory could be very time consuming, boring, confusing and difficult. Some books present music theory in an intimidating way and show you absolutely no application to the guitar.

It's no wonder that so many guitarists have tried to learn music theory only to quit out of sheer frustration.

There are lots of music theory books on the market today, but very few are written for the guitarist. Those that are, either have far too little information to be of any real use for guitarists, or they get really bogged down on the nitty-gritty details. [More...]

How I Got Killer Guitar Chops While I Was Still in High School: Confessions of a High School Shredder

Price: $25.99
(with bonus eBooks & 2 Audio files!)
"Who Else Wants to Play Guitar Like Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen, Rhoads, and Van Halen?"

Killer shred guitar chops are every guitarist's dream. If you love to play the guitar you definitely want to get good at it-so why not be great at it? The problem is that most guitarists have never been shown how to get amazing lead guitar chops. The reason for this is that out of all the guitarists in the world, only a very small number actually have amazing shred guitar chops.

So up until now, if you wanted killer shred guitar chops, you'd need to track down a great guitar player and study with them, or you'd have to try to figure it out by trial and error by yourself.

In How I Got Killer Shred Guitar Chops While I Was Still in High School: Confessions of a High School Shredder, I reveal exactly what I did to get killer shred guitar chops. - Perfect for the intermediate to advanced guitarist. To get the most out of this book you should have at least 3-6 months playing under your belt. You'll master:
  • Alternate picking
  • Hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Sweep picking
  • String skipping
  • Stretching and flexibility
  • Tapping
  • Scales
  • Melodic patterns/sequences
  • Arpeggios
  • You'll master all the techniques that your favorite guitarists use.
In this course you'll get:
  • The Complete How I Got Killer Shred Guitar Chops While I Was Still in High School: Confessions of a High School Shredder 180 page course.
  • You get 30 ready-to-use Super-Chops Workouts.
  • 135 mp3 audio tracks so you can hear exactly what each exercise should sound like.
  • The shred guitar workouts even tell you how much time you should spend on each practice area.
  • Reading music is NOT required. Everything is shown in tab (tablature) and big easy-to-read fretboard diagrams.
  • No music theory knowledge is required.
  • 3 FREE bonuses valued at $50.97 giving you 371 jam-packed pages!
  • 100's of tips, tricks, exercises and powerful tools that will give you killer shred guitar chops

Guitar Essentials Chord Master

Price: $17.99


There are thousands and thousands of guitar chords, but you only need to know a small number. That's right. In most styles of music there are certain chords that are used over and over again. Once you know these chords you'll be able to PLAY THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF SONGS.


Suppose I told you that I was going to teach you how to play 3 chords? That doesn't sound like a scary task, does it? What if I now said I was going to teach you 36 chords? That sounds like a bit more work, but it still sounds achievable. What if I now said I am going to show you 100, 1,000 or even 20,000 chords? Do you think you would be able to memorize and play all of these chords? Would you even want to try to memorize all of these chords? Look at the following list of 57 letters and try to recall as many characters as possible: rnneilga tuairg sdroch acn eb aeys fi oyu loflwo na rgnizaode essmty.

How did you do? Probably not so well. You are not alone. Now rearrange the characters so that each group of characters is arranged into the following order: learning guitar chords can be easy if you follow an organized system. How long would it take you to memorize that arrangement of characters? As you can see, we just rearranged the individual letters into recognizable units-words in the English language. Now think again about learning chords. If you were to take a random approach and try to memorize chords out of a chord encyclopaedia, how effective do you think you would be? What if you were to discover a system that shows you the chords you need to know and shows you how to easily master them? [More...]

Guitar Essentials Scale Master

Price: $19.99

The key to 1004 Scales!

With Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition you will discover how easy it is to master scales. Learn 16 scale types with 92 fingerings transposed to all keys for a total of 1004 scales.
This essential guitar book is expanded to include:
  • Guitar basics.
  • Learning the fretboard
  • How scales are built
  • How to practice scales
  • Tips and shortcuts that make learning scales a snap
Make an instant impact on your playing with Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition. Loaded with new features, this expanded edition is easy-to-understand and perfect for all styles of music. Scales have never made more sense.
  • For the beginner to intermediate guitarist
  • Reading music is not required
  • No previous music theory is not required.
What are you waiting for? It's time to play! [More...]

MEGA Chops:
Scale Mastery Beyond Hanon

Price: $25.99


Imagine picking up your guitar today and playing effortlessly. You play jaw-dropping lick after jaw-dropping lick.

So how do you get there? It all comes down to what you practice. To become a great guitarist you must devote practice time to scales and technique development. A great way to do this is to apply the Hanon Studies to the Guitar.

For more than a hundred years, the Hanon Studies have been a staple in technique development for the pianist. Now, these highly effective exercises can be applied to the guitar to give you an excellent workout that will improve your technique and mastery of the guitar.

"BUT, WAIT A MINUTE...THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GUITAR AND PIANO, SO WHY SHOULD I SPEND TIME PRACTICING OLD PIANO EXERCISES?" Yes there is a huge difference between the guitar and the piano. When you play these exercises on the guitar you'll use different finger combinations than originally prescribed in the Hanon Studies.

In Mega Chops: Scale Mastery Beyond Hanon, I've rearranged the Hanon Studies so that you can get the most out of them and improve your guitar playing. In Mega Chops: Scale Mastery Beyond Hanon, you'll find the Hanon Studies organized for you the guitarist. The easiest ones are at the beginning and the more challenging are found at the end of the book. To make it easier to get the most out of the Hanon Studies, I've narrowed the 60 Hanon Studies down to the 27 most effective for guitar. These Top 27 Hanon Studies are shown in standard notation and easy-to-read tab.

To ensure proper technique development for all fingers I've also included 44 proven technique exercises for massive chops.

In Mega Chops: Scale Mastery Beyond Hanon, you'll learn all about melodic patterns and how they work. This will make it much easier to learn and memorize the Hanon Studies. [More...]

Guitar Quick Start:
14 Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons

Price: $19.97
(with bonus Audio file!)


"What if you could do this without having to read music, learn music theory or play songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb? What songs will you play? Who will you play for?"

TWO SIMPLE BUT POWERFULL SECRETS What I'm about to reveal may seem obvious, but most guitar players simply don't think about this. There are two secrets that determine how fast you will progress on guitar: what you practice and how long you practice. That's it. Pretty simple isn't it? You have probably experienced the effect of this before. The more you practice something the better you get.

THE REAL KEY IS... The most important factor that determines how fast you will progress on guitar is not the total time you practice, but WHAT YOU PRACTICE. If you take a random approach to practicing you will get random results. Imagine going to the gym and doing some bench presses. Then you hit the pool and do some laps. Next you do biceps curls, hit the steam-room, do a full-out sprint, hit the treadmill and then.... First of all, you'll be lucky to get out of the gym alive. Second, by taking such a random (and dangerous) approach you minimize any benefits you would get from the workout. The same is true of music. IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO PRACTICE YOU ARE SABOTAGING YOUR RESULTS. [More...]