Andy Aledort: World-renowed guitarist, respected educator, and longtime contributor to many magazines such as Guitar World says: "I have found the Music Stamp products like the MSG-NN 5-fret no-nut chord frame stamp and the MST-G tablature stamp to be indispensable in both teaching applications and when annotating my own musical ideas. The stamps are quick and easy to use as well as very dependable."

Sid Jacobs: Head of Jazz Program (GIT), Guitar Institute Technology, Hollywood, CA says: "The MusicStamp is a great tool for students and teachers alike as an aid for visualizing the fingerboard. Using the stamp where you need it on the music gives you the freedom to effectively organize your ideas. There are already pages with fretboard diagrams pre-printed but these are not efficient if what you are doing doesn't conform to the layout of the page. The flexibility the MusicStamp allows makes it the best tool of its type I have seen for this aspect of teaching, taking notes, or jotting down your own musical ideas. You can also use less paper making it a green alternative to wasting paper. ...All the best, Sid Jacobs, Head of Jazz Program (GIT)"

Wolf Marshall: World famous Guitarist/Educator/Author of countless music transcription books, Founder of "Guitar One" magazine says: "I use the Music Stamp fretboard stamp often in my private teaching and in preparing diagrams for professional publication. The self-inking capability and the ease of application are my favorite features. It has withstood years of use and continues to work perfectly. I recommend the product to anyone interested in having quick and easy access to fretboard blanks."

Jody Fisher: Associate Director of the National Guitar Summer Workshop's California and Nashville Campus, faculty member of the University of La Verne Teacher says: "You don't know how long I've looked for a high quality set of stamps like this. They seem perfect for my purposes. These would come in handy in my teaching of course, but also when I work on the first drafts for my publications. Both guitar stamps look great and I think the standard notation stamp is an excellent idea and very useful. Seriously, I think you have a very good product and I am happy to endorse these products. Sure would have come in handy about 20 books and a million students ago........"

John Morgan: World Class Guitarist covering all styles, founder of the highly popular on-line full service guitar instructional site www.playtheguitar.com says: "After using this little gem for a while your reaction will be like mine, "Hooray, no more wiggly lines" and "Where have you been all my life?" A "must" for guitar teachers; a great convenience for serious students. This is a very handy tool for quickly laying down fretboard diagrams. We want to spend time playing the guitar, and thus how good of a player would I be if I hadn't spent so much time drawing fretboard diagrams! Thanks for coming up with such a cool and useful product!" Read the whole product review of the MSG-1 on his site listed above.

"Robert, I'm stamping every day (at least five or six days a week.) I have over 50 students. I don't know how I would survive without my stamper. By the way, you may want to emphasize durability in your ads. I've probably dropped that stamper on the floor a million times with no ill effectsJ It was running a little low on ink but one of my students gave me a re-inker and it's stamping as beautifully as ever. Best,"
 - John Morgan

Skip Dorsey: Original Musical Director/Guitarist for Brittney Spears, and currently on tour as Justin Timberlake's Guitarist says:
Hey, Robert and The Music Stamp Series: "You can rest assured that The Music Stamp™ Series has served me well these last few months on the road with Justin Timberlake. It's amazing how a well thought out device can make things better. Every time I'd go on the road in the past, I would either come back with ink all in my luggage or, to avoid the hassle, I would not even take a stamp with me. With the Music Stamp I've had a worry free productive tour. Using it at home will be a breeze, too. Thanks Guys!"...

Further update as of December 2007...
"I just came off the road with Justin Timberlake after a year and a half of touring. The tour was great. Hey man, I haven't had to use the stamps you gave me in years because I've been playing the same songs night in and night out with JT. A friend of mine asked me to do a gig with him so I needed to use the stamp. I gotta tell you that after all this time, it worked like a charm! You make a great product. I've put it to the test and it still passes every time. I just thought you'd like to hear the good news. Anyway, take care of yourself and thanks again for the stamps. Peace," Skip Dorsey, Guitarist

Alisdair MacRae Birch (http://www.alisdair.com/): British Jazz Guitarist/Bassist/Teacher/Arranger, founder of the Jazz Guitar Discussion Group, http://www.jazzguitargroup.com says: "A student of mine gave me a MSG-1 Guitar Stamp as a present and it has proved invaluable in my teaching, enabling me to save time and stamp diagrams with ease. I particularly like how easy it is to use and that it's self inking, which means that it is truly portable. It has proved useful in quickly notating chord melody arrangements and providing visual diagrams for standard notated music. All in all, a great product which works, from a company with a good website which is clear, easy to navigate and which makes ordering a breeze, period!"

Levon Ichkhanian (http://www.levonmusic.com) says: "The Music Stamp™ Series stamps are a creation long in need. They are clean, concise, and come in a variety of patterns. You will benefit from them no matter what instrument you play!"

Chase Sanborn (www.chasesanborn.com) World Renowned Trumpeter says: "I use the trumpet fingering stamp and the staff notation stamp. The ability to quickly and easily notate a short musical phrase is very handy. The Music Stamps™ are very unique and useful items for teachers."
- Chase Sanborn • U of T Jazz Faculty • Jazz Tactics / Brass Tactics

Michael La††anzi: Producer, Music Stamp User says: "Every time I would pick up my guitar to write a song, I loved the whole process until it came time to notate the chords. It would take forever to draw my own fretboard diagrams and I found myself wasting precious creative moments just making sure that my self drawn chord charts would be legible for when I would have to recall them and re-create my chord voicings! Then I was fortunate enough to see an advertisement in a local music store flyer for The Music Stamp Series!
Well things haven't been the same since. I now can't wait to be creative and write my music knowing that I have the Music Stamp(s). They have become one of my most important precious writing tools in my arsenal. Perfect clear pristine chord charts, and I especially love my latest stamp the 14 fret guitar stamp for those chords way up the neck. Now I actually make my own custom charts for my own personal needs rather then having to use generic sheet music. The best part is they will last forever, and just once in awhile I'll have to replace the ink cartridge and go again! I look forward to writing now more then ever knowing I have The Music Stamp(s) in my tool box!

Jeff Salem: Educator, Clinician, Author - operating his own teaching school, and Music Stamp User says: "The new drum stamp is a great tool for drum teachers and students. The parts of the drum kit are laid out for you, so it's easy and quick to create and write out your own grooves and fills. This unique stamp will help you save on staff paper and have your work look consistent every time. Stamp away and groove on."

Jeff Salem is an educator, clinician and author operating his own teaching school "Jeff Salem's Music Studio"
Visit his website www.salemdrum.com or www.jsmusicstudio.com
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

>> SEE Jeff's VIDEO DEMO for the new Music Stamp Series Drummer's Stamp HERE

Mike Sorrentino, Drum Stamp User says: "The music stamp is a great way to write down those quick ideas - and have them be something you can actually read the next day! It makes it easy to get those thoughts on paper legibly and accurately, in a format suited for drummers."

Mike Sorrentino,
Hudson Music (www.hudsonmusic.com)


"As a teacher, I love your product!" - Paul Gelpi, USA

"The stamp arrived this morning! Thank you very much for such excellent service. I can't have it to use yet because it's for my birthday on the 18th. My worries that it would not arrive in time were unfounded. I will be back in touch when I need further supplies. Many thanks again for exceeding my expectations." - Regards, Harris Northover, U.K

"I received my stamp yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased! I will be ordering more in the near future." - John Schick, USA

"Robert, The stamp arrived Saturday. It works like a charm! It will come in handy for my praise music at church. Thanks again,"
- Tom Maier, USA

"Robert, Thanks very much for the thank-you e-mail reply. It's much appreciated when a merchant thanks a person for their business as you have done. This along with the ease of the process has made this a very pleasant shopping experience. Thanks again."
- Roy Davis, USA

"Robert, I had a bit of a traumatic week last week. As one of my students was packing up her books and papers after her lesson she inadvertently picked up my fretboard stamper. A few minutes into the next lesson I realized what had happened. Thus began a week of squiggly, hand-drawn fretboard diagrams – eliciting many humorous comments from my students, many of whom had never seen one of my hand drawn diagrams. The best comment was, "that looks a little like a Picasso with some kind of 3-dimensional thing going on." Fortunately I survived the week and the stamper came back home. The universe in once again in balance. Thanks for making an indispensable product." - John Morgan, USA

"Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for the great service - received the music stamp. I will be purchasing again soon. Thanks!!"
- Simon Revill, UK

"Hi Robert, I have just received the MSG-3 music stamp that I purchased from you. It's great. The size of it is superb. It makes a whole lot of difference from my messy hand written chord work. I'm very happy that I stumbled across your product. You may be hearing from me in the near future Rob as I'm going to purchase a few more different stamps from you, For lead work and scales etc. Once again, Thank You" - Frank Zergarra, Australia

"Looks really good. I can't wait to use it." - Richard Green, New Jersey, USA

"Dear Robert, Stamps arrived safely, many thanks. They are exactly what I have been needing – I am fed up hand-drawing fret diagrams that look really messy when I do them on my sheet music. These stamps blend in well and look so professional! Cheers"
- Drew Provan, London, UK

"Hello! The stamp already arrived to day! It looks great, and I expect it will do things a lot easier for me. Thank you,"
- Einar Schoyen, Norway

"Hi, Just a note to say that the stamper I ordered arrived today here in Scotland, only 5 days after I ordered it. I say that's great service- thanks a million. Oh, and the stamper is pretty cool, no more wiggly chord boxes for my pupils. cheers guys, you rock!"
- Iain Robinson, Scotland, UK

"Mr Tardik, I received my music stamp a few days ago and I am delighted with it thus far. It is exactly what I needed! I will keep you posted as to it's performance. It is a GREAT idea. Thanks much!"
- Dave Eskeland, NH, USA

"Thanks for your reply-these Musicstamps will be invaluable to my Son-he read about them in his American guitar magazine. Cheers!"
- Lilian Saunders, USA

"These look like very cool products. I can't wait to get my new toys."
- Elizabeth A Everson Phoenix, AZ

"Robert, I'm THRILLED with the Stampers. The quality is everything I could have hoped for…and more. Respectfully,"
- John Baugher

"I really love your products. I teach guitar a bit and am always using the tab and MSG-1 stamps. Thanks Robert. I am going to order one of your mandolin stamps. "
- Kevin Coffey, USA

"Thanks Robert. I really like some of the products in the brochure and will get in touch. The stamp is fine, it's a terrific idea. Great for teaching and no more hand drawn chord charts. All the best. Regards, "
- Mark Ryan, Australia

"I actually got the stamp today... and I already own three others. It's such a great product...
I wish I would have thought of it! Thanks again."
- John Tibball, Ozone Park, NY

"Hello Robert, Just to let you know the stamps arrived today! Very fast service to the UK. and brilliant stamps!! Many thanks"
- Ron Barnes, Lancashire, UK

"Robert, I really like your product, and make it a point to show anyone I play with what you have to offer. I am doing some scale work and that is why I ordered the larger guitar fretboard model MSG-2. Regards,"
- Jim DeSalvio, IL, USA

"Your product is excellent, very well built and excellent quality. Please keep up the good work. Thank you very much, Best regards."
- Sylvain Guilbault, Quebec, Canada

"Just got the stamps in the mail. They look and feel great!!! I will be testing them out next week with my students. I am looking forward to it. I will keep you posted. Cheers my friend,"
- Sean Connolly, Australia

"As a music teacher it is very important to have working tools when you need it ASAP during a lesson, and I'm pleased to say that the Music Stamps fill that void wonderfully. To be able to stamp a chord box and /or a piano outline onto the sheet we are working on is essential for any music teacher. I plan to keep these stamps well stocked in my music studio, and recommend these to all music teachers."
- Pamela Davis, Jupiter, Florida
  Pamela Davis Music Studios

"Thank you. I received the stamp yesterday. Very useful product."
- Georgia Qadir

"Many thanks for posting out the music stamp to the U.K with very fast delivery and the music stamp product is great, we will get a lot of use out of it... Thank-you once again..."
- R Robbins, UK

"Man I just wanted to let you know how much I like these stamps. It has really helped to make my tabs neater for my students and I'm much faster so I can spend more of the lesson time teaching than writing. Every teacher should have a full set like me."
- Danny Fulbright, SC, USA

"I got the Tab Stamp this evening, thanks so much! It's just great and I will recommend you to my friends, you were really helpful! God bless you & thanks again,"
- Milisa, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

"By now the stamper's left it's footprints all over the sheet music of "I Saw Her Standing There" (great bass line to that). Anyway, I like it. Like it very much, it's a fabulous product. I can tell you already how I'll review it. You can even exploit my endorsement shamelessly for advertising purposes if you want: "No less than (an authority on) SIR PAUL McCARTNEY! claims, 'It's fab."
- Martin Speed, Cincinnati OH, USA

"Hi Robert, The Band Stamps arrived yesterday and they are so cool! I will be telling my colleagues about these, for sure! The stamps are very easy to use, and the diagrams are neat and clear. It will make designing beginning band worksheets much faster and easier! Thanks for this very functional product."
- Cheryl Corkran
  Director of Bands
  Greenacres Middle School
  Bossier City, Louisiana U.S.A.

"Hi Rob, I have been using your chord diagram stamper for about 5 years now and it is still going strong with the original cartridge which is amazing as I teach 28 students a week. Thanks for such a wonderful product."
- Peter Mathers, guitarist
  Toronto, Ontario

"Hi Rob, I am very happy with your stamp and plan to get additional stamps from your company within days. In a day or two I'll take time to take a look at your web-site again and select one or more additional stamps and ink cartridges. Being a songwriter and musician... believe me... I am very happy with the 5-fret stamp I received from your company awhile back. I am telling other musicians and music people about my new automatic stamp that aligns so much better then the other type stamps. You have a product that is 2nd to none and you are my contact and supplier for future stamp similar products."
- Jim Burns, CEO, Jims Custom Homes, Inc., www.jimscustomhomes.com,
  Fort Worth Texas, USA

"Hi There, My stamp is the MSG-NN, love it. I've had it for ages and I also bought extra refills and it has only started to run out now. It's amazing how long the original one has lasted, it's terrific. Thanks, Regards,"
- Mark Ryan

"Hi, I enjoyed chatting with you. I use your products constantly. They are excellent for road and recording work as I use your products both for keyboard and guitar every day in my work here in Nashville so thank you!"
- John Reynolds, Nashville, TN

"Hi Rob: I can't thank you enough. Your customer service is incredible. You must work all the time. Please take some time off for this week for your Thanksgiving... you deserve it. You have some incredible products. Thanks so much!!!"
- Terry Sullivan, TX, USA

"Thank you so much! I teach clarinet, sax and flute, and I bought your clarinet stamp this summer. I love it, and am looking forward to getting my saxophone stamp, too!"
- Joni McCraw, VT, USA